CILIP CPD vouchers

Secure your training budget for 2018 and beyond. The CILIP CPD voucher scheme enables you to secure and manage your budget and then book your staff onto the training, events and continuing professional development (CPD) activities that they need.

Our Finance Department will create a CILIP CPD voucher account for your organisation that can be used to pay for all sorts of events from CILIP: 

Your CILIP CPD voucher account

Vouchers can be purchased for amounts of £500 and upwards. You can top up your account at any time too.

Every time an event or product is purchased the cost is debited from your account. Normally, vouchers are used within eighteen months of the date of purchase and we provide regular statements so that you know how much you have remaining in your account.

To set up your CPD voucher account, simply complete our voucher purchase form with your organisation details and the required voucher amount - we'll do the rest.